This site was created for two primary purposes.

First: to host or link to a copy of EVERY moped manual that I can find, then present that information in an organized fashion. Vintage moped literature already exists online, but it's spread out, disorganized, in multiple formats, and sometimes it costs too much money, or the images are low quality. Here though, most of the pages have been cleaned up, the files are in the same format, and the manuals are organized by brand. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to access the information they need and put their new knowledge to good use. All of the manuals here are free to download, and I encourage everyone to download these and share them around.

Second: to preserve historical literature for anyone who might think it's cool. Are dealer price lists and vintage ads going to help people repair their mopeds? Nah. But are they still cool? Yes, they are. Think of each page as another piece of a moped's history. Making digital copies of this information will hopefully help us remember where our mopeds have been, even as we continue to ride them (and break them) in the future.

This site is called "Project Moped Manual" for a reason -- this is an ongoing effort, and I want your help! Do you have manuals that aren't listed here? Tell me!

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