Owner's Manuals
- General 5 Star Owner's Manual [7.9 MB]
- Eagle Owner's Manual [2.1 MB]
- Westlake (504-1) and Balboa (505-1) Owner's Manual [19.5 MB] (original external)
- 1977 Columbia Commuter Owner's Manual [2 MB]
- Clinton 50-A Owner's Manual (505/1A or 505/1B) [16.4 MB]

Service/Workshop Manuals
- Sachs General 5 Star 505 1A Service Manual [22.4 MB]
- Sachs 505 Repair Manual [20 MB]
- Sachs 50 Series Workshop Manual [2.5 MB]

- Sundancer Parts List Manual [20.7]
- Engine/Specifications Manual for Sachs 504-1 and 505-1 [12.5 MB]
- Specifications Sheet for Sachs 502 [1.9 MB]
- Brochure for Columbia Mopeds [2.5 MB]

THIS WEBSITE external also seems to have manuals for just about any Sachs moped you might have. The site is written in German, but you can view the page in Google Translate and you'll get a mostly comprehensible English (or other language) version. Thankfully, some (many?) of the manuals are printed in several languages, so once you find the manual you need, it will hopefully still be useful to you. Note: I do not have backup copies of the manuals from this site. There are too many of them, and I don't read German well enough to be able to figure out everything that's going on there.